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These t shirts came on time; they fit great; they stay in the pants as you walk and move around.
Very fast ship time. Fit well. I love this type of short because my cell phone fits just perfect in the outside pocket, there fore you can sit down very comfortable and the phone doesn't fall out!
I wonder if the problem people are reporting is really Levi's fault. We ordered two pairs of the 505's from Amazon, then a third pair from one of the companies that sells through Amazon. The 505's from Amazon fit properly. The other pair did not, although it was labeled as the same size. The blue dye from that pair came off on my husband's hands.
Fit very well. I have had no issues with these shorts so far. Have used in the ocean in the siesta keys and in chlorine pools. Also the vecro pockets held up really well.
Great sunglasses. This is my second pair of these only because my dogs chewed my first pair. Usually don't spend much on sunglasses but these are well worth it.
I love the material. Very soft and smooth. Comfortable by far
Very cute- granddaughter loves it
My dad loved it
Great wallet.
Bag buy for his wife. She liked it very much, and she uses it constantly.
Great running swimming and all around shorts with a liner too!
Fast delivery. Item exactly as described. Fits husband perfect.
Like the size and the protection.
There's not a lot to say about shirts, but I'll tell you this: I love this one.

The fabric is wonderful and doesn't wrinkle much when washed, nor does it shrink, both of which I appreciate. It's thick enough to hang well, but not so thick as to be to heavy to wear.

The cut is perfect, and the XXL size I got fits me beautifully.

All stitching is quality, and the accent color trim pieces inside the collar and vents are a really nice touch; I go a lot of compliments on the whole thing.

All in all, I LOVE this shirt, and immediately bought two more (my first was free for review, but I paid full pop for the next two); one in lavender and one in blue. Every one of them looks and feels great - I suspect I'll be adding more to my collection shortly.
order came on time, and as described
Very cute. Loved it when it first arrived. Within less than 3 weeks some of the black piping along the straps came off. The inner zipper section by now sagged so much it created a bunch and also by now ALL the black piping came off. Outside is still nice but it looks odd without the piping. Would not recommend this item. Even though it is not expensive I hoped it would last at least a year.
Received the earrings quickly. They were quite thin, but were ok. Unfortunately 1 of them broke while I was sleeping, right in half, about a week after the returnable time frame. I have slept in all my eternity earrings before. So now just stuck with one.
Just as described. It did have faint fishy smell to it but that has faded. I would order another one.
Columbia Men's Trinity 35mm Feather Edge Belt, Black, 40

Looks fine but the belt holes were drilled too small for the prong so you have to fight to unclasp the belt. Will be returning it. Poor quality control.
In addition, the belt length is short between 1 to 1-1/2"
Very nice for hiking. Seem durable so far. Can defiinatly feel the better quality.
Great socks! Good value. Will buy again.
Its really pretty on my arm its just too big but it's still really cute and costumer serviceeas really nice and helpful!
Great fit
A perfect way to get perfect fitting trousers.
It's perfect and I'm jazzed to have ordered was time for laundry but crew that, I'll just buy more.
They fit really nice they material is soft I will buy them again.
If this hat is really a $45 hat, I'll eat my hat. I could not believe the low quality of this hat. I bought it on a Black Friday sale and should have know better. It said it was a $45 men's fedora. It sold for $12. I got it and it looks like a cheap Halloween costume hat. I bought it to give to my daughter's boyfriend for Christmas, but I cannot give him this. I like him too much! What a total ripoff.
Oddly enough, I've ordered these three times. The first time, I was delighted with the sunglasses I received (~April 2015); it was the first time in my life I bought a pair of sunglasses that didn't come from a rotating display in a drug store. The quality was outstanding, and I could wear them all day long without discomfort. Alas, I waded into the ocean while wearing my beloved sunglasses, and a freak wave knocked me to the ocean floor, losing my glasses forever.

I re-ordered the exact same pair from Amazon. Immediately I could tell something was amiss: instead of the black matte finish, these were shiny plastic. They also crinkled if your torqued them in the slightest, as though the seems between the lens and the frame didn't fit properly. The hinges of the arms were stiff and squeaked. Worst of all, they pinched my temples fiercely, and couldn't be worn for more than 20 minutes consecutively. They weren't obvious fakes, but the low quality and worrisome details led me to complain and request a replacement pair.

Happily, Amazon complied, and with some trepidation I opened the replacement package two days later, and the new new sunglasses matched the first pair. So, there's a happy ending. Still, very worrisome that you can order the exact same product three times and get such dramatically different qualities. I don't know if this is Amazon's problem or Ray Ban's, but in any case, I'd read up on how to spot Ray Ban fakes before you commit to whatever Amazon ships you.
Do not hold up very well. Developed holes within about 3 months of work. I work consctruction, on my feet all day.
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