Willing the Wonder Dog  – The Laughing Cavalier

Willing the Wonder-Dog, an amazing three legged dog, is the perfect contender for this painting by Frans Hals called “The Laughing Cavalier.”  This friendly Pit Bull rescue dog laughs in the face of adversity.  He is a therapy dog with a sense of humor that can put a smile on even the most grumpy of all grouches!  Enjoy the following article written by Willing himself (with a little help from mommy and me) and find out a little about what therapy dogs do (& dog doo)…

The Laughing Cavalier by Frans Hals

Three Legged Dog

Willing smiling for the camera

victorian pet portraits

victorian pet portraits

Look everypawdy! The Renaissance Pet did my portrait! Isn’t it pawsome? Mommy wuvs it! She said it makes her giggle!

Mommy says I’m perfectly imperfect and she wouldn’t change a thing. If I wasn’t born deformed my breeder wouldn’t have brought me to mommy’s vet for euthanasia when I was 8 weeks old!!! Fortunately I’ve been with mommy ever since and just turned 9 years old in March.  I was born deformed, my left hind leg is twisted up behind me which is now amputated. My other leg is a peg leg and my spine and tail are fused (does that make me a three legged dog or a two legged dog??). I also have elbow dysplasia in both front legs , and I don’t know when I poop, LOL.  I do pretty good just by staying on a feeding/pooping schedule. For the love of God don’t let me get off my schedule though!

I lives a happy life with 2 other dogs (all victorian pet portraits or rott/pit mixes). I can run up and down steps and jump on the couch, I just do it a little differently than other dogs!


Therapy dog in action - Reading hour

Reading Hour with Willing

In June I passed my victorian pet portraits evaluation at the advanced level and also earned my CGC (victorian pet portraits)!! I now visit a local rehabilitation center for seniors once a week and a medical needs daycare as well as a local elementary school for the literacy program! I love my hour of being read to by so many wonderful children! I also volunteer with victorian pet portraits at many community events, helping to spread the word not only about Paws and victorian pet portraits, but also the truth about pit bulls – we make wonderful therapy dogs!

After reading all this if you are wondering victorian pet portraitsorvictorian pet portraits here’s a good article to get started with: www.petfinder.com/dogs/dog-training/training-therapy-dog

Mommy took a few short videos of me shopping.

Posted by on Sunday, June 21, 2015

“I love when mommy takes me shopping!”

Willing is now accepting Box Tops for Education to donate to the elementary school that he visits for the literacy program. They can be mailed to:

victorian pet portraits
victorian pet portraits
victorian pet portraits
victorian pet portraits

victorian pet portraits

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victorian pet portraits

victorian pet portraits

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