custom round canvas prints


UPGRADE – Custom Background Painting

This listing is for if you want to order a character or painting that is not one of the available templates in my shop.  I get custom requests all the time and I love creating new paintings I’ve never done before.  If you have a painting in mind that you’d like for me to use or if you want me to find a painting based on specifications that you have just let me know.  Purchase any of my regular listings and add this listing as your custom upgrade.

Make sure and purchase a listing with the appropriate number of pets and use the drop-down menu in the regular listing that you choose to select the material and size that you want.

custom round canvas prints

They're socks. They do what they're supposed to do- Cover your feet. Either they fit or they don't. And these fit..... so..... 5 stars, I guess?
Looked and functioned great, but was not adjustable enough. It sat too high on my nose and I returned it. Bummer. I wanted to look like a terminator when I went jogging.
Finally, an underwear that my son says is comfortable and fits. These were a good purchase.
Not authentic. Was disappointed for the price.
A wallet. It holds a lot for being so flat. I am pleased with it.
I love this bag..very soft, nice and big but not to big..lots of pockets! No defects or missing parts
Very nice sunglasses and they come with a case
Wear these all the time! Cute and simple and very lightweight! Ive used them in the pool, at the beach, during showers and no discoloration!!!! Love these!
Very satisfied
Beautiful necklace. Great price. Speedy delivery. Thank you!
A really nice bag for the price! My biggest issue with most bags is the size against my frame (Im 51). Most bags end up looking bulky and is difficult to carry. This bags handles hang well on the crook of my arm and the size is super optimal for my height (although it might look too small for someone significantly taller). I like the included strap, as this bag makes a great over the shoulder bag when youre tired of carrying it. Also, because the leather isnt real, its extremely light. I got the navy- so the fake leather was harder to tell, although I cant speak for the other colors. My only small negative is the keychain thats included. It looks cheap, and I would definitely remove it, but thats a pretty small gripe. This is a fantastic day to day bag, and would definitely recommend it if you dont have something like this!
Well, you can't go wrong with this hoodie. It's good for cool nights, gym time, even casual dress events. It is comfortable and gives a feeling of coziness. It looks sharp on the body and is comfortable wearing around the house. I have the dark gray hoodie and I love it. The fit is just right for me. I'm 6'1", 235lbs, and I work out pretty frequently. I've worn this hoodie to the gym on cold mornings, but I don't work out in it because it's just too classy. I'm a mature man and I get quite surprised when so many of the young people complement me wearing it. This hoodie makes a great gift (I'm getting 3 different colors for my grandson) and is great for couple who don't mind dressing to match one another. It's a terrific purchase for the price.
I ordered these ties despite the few negative comments. I'm 6' 1" tall and they worked just fine for me. Colours are as in the images and thus far the quality is also fine. For the price one really can't complain.
El material
Great, simple purse. Color is pretty too! Great to be able to throw a few necessities in and go. Fits water bottle, snack, book, wallet, etc comfortably. Only been using a short time, but material seems good! Little floppy if you dont have a lot in it though.
An absolutely stunning, well made and practical purse.
It's a very wide belt-- doesn't fit some of my clothes' belt loops.

Funny enough, it only barely fits in Dickies brand 564 slacks (or whatever their main ones are called). I have to jam it in really hard in order to get it to go through the belt loop.
purchased this for our trip in Europe and used them once. They kept us dry.
Love the style and quality.
Easy for me to organize all my stuff
Great socks. Needed for a new interest in hiking and I also travel a lot and walk lots of towns I travel to and my other socks cause blisters/chaffing. Lifetime warranty hasn't been used but If its needed its glad to have.
I wish they were the same material through out. The underwear is very thin and can see through to my skin minus the crotch area which is the only area that is not see through.
Me gusta.
Texture is a bit rougher than I like, but it's a good work shirt for times I can't wear a T.
Better than expected after reading other reviews. They are not 100% cotton so not quite as comfortable as all cotton.
These scrubs have shrunken so much it is ridiculous. The problem is that is was so slow that by the time I realized what was happening returns weren't possible. Also they have faded from a dark smoky charcoal color to extremely light grey! We washed these only on cold and do not use bleach. We even set the color with vinegar when they were purchased to try to avoid fading. The posted photo shows color (charcoal) and wear of material after 2.5 months of once every other week of wear to a light duty nursing job. They are heavier-duty material overall than other scrubs but they are essentially made from a canvas type material so shrinkage would be similar to that of 100% cotton that has not been pre-shrunk. Order up even if you are in the smaller range of the size.
Always get compliments on it. Very sturdy. Beautiful when light hits it.
I'm very satisfied with my bag. It is just like the picture, it is sooo verry soft, and roomy, it wasn't expensive. It's just what I needed. So if you're thinking about buying this purse, I say don't hesitate.