custom fonts in canva


This listing is for customers interested in having two pets pictured together in one painting.

Have your beloved pet dogs, cats, fishes, or birds immortalized in a portrait! Jesters, Kings, Queens, Beggars, & Knights — What Renaissance role does your Fido or Felix most resemble?

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custom fonts in canva

Very nice!!!
does not wash well.
Awesome design! Love them!!!
I ordered these for my son and because of the cotton content. He says he noticed the difference on the first day as his feet stayed dry...
Exactly what I wanted, not too big, very stylish.
Not as shown and not dry fit. Very disappointed!
Very good quality socks!
Looks awesome!
Lots of pockets, strong and durable
Its fine but not that great
Difficult to make work and broke while trying to set up.
Good quality swimsuit, my daughter usually is in 5T but it was a little small in the chest area, the chest area was short so the cups were almost not covering her chest. (Almost)
They fit great. Definitely need to be broken in a bit
Bought it for my mother in law, who absolutely loves it! I do too, we both really like the unique color & convenient phone pocket. When I showed her she was like, "Look at all the pockets!!" And it's real leather, at that price?! I want one too now!
You can never go wrong with a Papi product. They fit just like you would expect and they are at an awesome price for a 3-pack. One downside is that they are pretty simple, but hey! that's what you paid for right?
I love this bag so much! It fits everything I need for work (laptop, binders, etc). Major bonus is that the wristlet fits a few cards and my iPhone X in it comfortably. 100% will buy again in other colors.
Bought it for Niece that loves pink.... Needless to say she loved this beautiful bag..
Fit good
Doesnt hang right across my shoulder once the weight centers the sling out. Contents of bag almost dumped twice in same day because zipper carabiner pulled. Glad I did not lose my wallet. Its a quality product but I would recommend as a light day hike ladies bag but as an avid hiker I need to be sure I can count on my stuff not to potentially fall out. Nice storage pouches, pockets, organization inside, well made. Blue is vibrant bluebird blue. Gorgeous.
This wallet folds up nice and fits my pocket well. We will have to wait to see how long it lasts. That's the ultimate test of how good it really is.
Very comfortable to wear, definitely recommend
Love them! Hug my feet well!
I bought these in November and didnt really wear them until April. By June, I had to glue the nose piece and ear pieces back on. Its now July 6 and Im having to fix them again. They are very comfortable but Im disappointed with how they are put together.
The stones were pretty and I liked them. But unfortunately the setting and post were flimsy and bent within the week I received and wore them. Will be returning for a refund.
I hadn't bought any of these boxers in a few years and decided to replace some of my more worn out pairs. Hanes has clearly made these cheaper over time. They are lighter weight which I guess could be a plus but it's because they are just thinner material and I can tell just won't hold up as well as my older pairs have. Also the stitching around the waist band is a little on the rough side compared to the older ones. The fit is still spot on to what the older versions were, just wish the quality was there.
I did screenprint on these. Noticed hole in the shirt after washed it.
I liked this wallet initially for it's look and feel. Seems well constructed and well designed. Now that I've used it for several weeks, I like it even more. It's getting broken in and I've had time to appreciate the quality and appearance even more. Holds everything I need and looks good doing it.