turn picture of dog into painting


This listing is for customers interested in having two pets pictured together in one painting.

Have your beloved pet dogs, cats, fishes, or birds immortalized in a portrait! Jesters, Kings, Queens, Beggars, & Knights — What Renaissance role does your Fido or Felix most resemble?

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turn picture of dog into painting

I will be returning these pants. They are supposed to be 32 waist 30 inseam, but are obviously much longer. See picture of these pants next to actual 505 32/30. I would prefer pants that are the correct size than a refund. I will be returning these pants tomorrow. I really was wanting to wear new pants this weekend.
These look so amazing great value!
These wick super fast, fit loosely but stay in place and dont rise. Only con would be while in a hurry, material is very thin and you can grab it by mistake while pulling them up.
I will buy more.
Nice size and very comfortable. However there are just too many pockets. Good value, but it needs better design for organization.
I love this so much! So small so perfect. Fits like 10 cards and cash perfect for a little purse for going out
Muy bueno y fcil , no molesta y se siente muy comodo. Lo recomiendo
Poor quality. 2% spandex should be firm these are not. Not what I have purchased in past. Reminds me of tube socks.
Great fit
It's a nice wallet without feeling bulky. It's slim design has enough room for all the cards you may carry.
Very nice. Well made.
Strong clips but not too elastic. Serve the purpose.
I remember this brand being more comfortable. Very thin material. Hanes are much more comfortable. Was like having tissue paper on my feet. Just too thin.
Beautiful product, recieved lots of compliments
Colors and softness
I purchased these for my sons. They like them. They're comfortable and easy to wash without much shrinkage. I'll probably buy more at a later date.
Good quality glasses
I was suppose to get a small and got a medium.
I bought this for my wife and she loves it. It looks great, and she has gotten a lot of compliments.
Update to my earlier review. I bought the Crew socks 7 months ago. In the 6th month a hole occurred at the heel of one sock. In the 7th month the second heel hole in another sock. Last night I took off a pair I as wearing and that pair is maybe one more wear from a hole in the heel. I looked at the others and all are showing what is to me very thin heel material at this point. I am retired and wear these "lightly" with no real stress or unusual activity. What really irritates me is that in the first few months after purchasing these I wore them only maybe two times a week --the other times I wore the low quarters since it was summer. So to me in really 3-4 months the wear seems excessive. Gold toe, what happened???!!!
Love this! Perfect for when you don't want to carry a purse.
This is a great slim wallet. It holds what I need (10 cards plus cash) with a very low profile. But the Canyon Red was not a good color selection. The color rubs off on paper in the wallet. Nearly 2 months of use and it still smears receipts and stains bills. Fortunately, I have not seen it rub off on my pants.
Going to be a Valentine's Day gift for my Foster Daughter. She will love them
Love the pants they just run small. I have 2 get 2 times bigger than my actual size
There a tear inside
Tarnished after a week
Seems nicely made. No complaints yet. But its only been a week
love the organization place for everything