canvas painting youth


This listing is for customers interested in having three pets pictured together in one painting.

Have your beloved pet dogs, cats, fishes, or birds immortalized in a portrait! Jesters, Kings, Queens, Beggars, & Knights — What Renaissance role does your Fido or Felix most resemble?

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canvas painting youth

Love this wallet. Took almost no time to find a wallet big enough for all my cards
For a handicap person with ALS, it is easy to retrieve D L and credit cards from this wallet.
Love it
Easily the most comfortable pair of jeans I've ever worn!
Really pretty and great looking for the price. It is a bit different colored when compared to my actual gold ring, but thats to be expected for only $10. Its also a little wider than I expected, doesnt sit as flat on my finger. But again, not bad for the price! Not sure about durability yet, Ill try to update after a few months if I remember.
Very nice. My husband who is hard to buy for loved the gift!
Unlike the purple ones that I bought earlier these ones are somewhat small. Other than that they're OK.
Tag and bracelet are nice ... chain for the tags is cheap and should come in longer options
Great fit
Satisfied with comfort, fit, and color of hoodie.
Like it thank u!!
Good for the price but appears to be drawing short after a couple washes
The choker is so cute and fits very well with adjustable buttons. The best part is it is nickel free so it does not irritate my skin. It will be a good gift for teenage girls who are a bit funky
It's perfect for my best friend and she loves it.
Extremely comfortable wallet. Everything fits nice. ID pocket is roomy enough for your license and conceal permit, and easy to extract them without a fight....a big plus. Seats well in the pocket of Levi 501s and Wrangled carpenter jeans. If it blocks the bad guy hackers.....I'll really be thrilled. And I'll let you know if it doesn't. I've been a victim of RF readers twice in the past year. So it's five stars for now! !!!
Totally recomended
The hat looks exactly like the picture. It is well made and fits like it should. Delivery time was very fast.
Amazing quality and very soft!!!
Love the various compartments and styling of bag....wish the material better quality.....but the price match the material
great hat. great deal!
dead on in waist, butt and rise; however 4 inches longer than my classic levi's, and my height has shrunk 1/2 to 1" since those days.
The wallet seems very nice so far it is very slim and fits good in the pocket would recommend.
My husband likes it....the neck was a little smaller than another brand that we purchased.
Items arrived as ordered I was pleased.
I bought this bag for my overseas trip and it worked out perfectly. I was able to wear it over the shoulder (cross body), over one shoulder and even as a fancy fanny pack. I loved the lock feature and it made me feel safe knowing it was difficult to open any of the pockets easily. Also, the color is will go with anything and doesnt show dirt. I will definitely be using this again on all of my trip within the states and abroad. The only down side is it does not hold a water bottle but I believe there is another bag available similar to this that does. I wanted the smaller bag and opted to carry my water bottle.
Very cute bracelet. Made a perfect gift
Ok these are some of the most overrated glasses they are more for status symbol than anything else I am an avid offshore inshore freshwater fly fishing maniac I have always had Calcuttas they are cheap they fit comfortable and they work. So I finally caved in and got a pair of costas first off they are cheaply made the glass lenses dont fit into the frame like at all you can see light in between the lens and frame I have provided pictures to show. And besides the lack of quality or quality control the glasses when flexed make all kinds of creepy crackly noises and movements where as my Calcuttas just flex no loose connections at the ear piece screw and the whole lens wiggles they are also on the short side as in your whole under eye is exposed and letting light in these have to be the worst sunglasses ever and belong on the rack in a gas station definitely getting my $200 back from this hack company dont need costas to see the fish