custom hard phone cases


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custom hard phone cases

Only one of the 4 briefs were actually polyester/spandex "stretch" blend. The other 3 were cotton. NOT what I was expecting or wanting. The one pair that is mostly polyester is great, exactly what I was looking for and comfy. The others not so much as they are a little tight and not polyester. Change the title Hanes, I expect better out of you.
My hubby loves them. Nice and comfortable. A good price for that many shirt!
color / quality
Got it for I believe 26 dollars. Pretty descent wallet for THAT Price. Wouldnt pay more for it tho
Amazon Essentials offer some great products and these black crew socks are no exception to that.
These socks are made of a nice quality cotton, and both the toe and heel areas appear to be nearly twice as thick as the rest of the sock, offering added support and durability.
I walk a lot, several miles a day, and over time my socks wear out in the toe area, Im assuming from rubbing between my toes and the inside of my shoe. Right away I noticed that these socks are reinforced in that area, and they seem like they will last much longer than a standard pair of socks.
These are simple, well made socks that fit nicely and have reinforcement in the toe and heel area which will make them more durable and longer lasting than a standard sock.
I've used other exfoliating mitts one of which cost $50 for one...I'll never go back after using these. I've even sent some to my friend (we're both estheticians.)
The large fits good. A little big but very comfortable and perfect for being active outside in the summer. I definitely recommend these shorts.
These do work and are comfortable: no slipping down over my ankle. They do not show with loafers and only a hint at the heel with Vans skate shoes. They are thin enough to not stuff into the shoe with my big foot. If you walk around with no shoes on and just these socks, there are rubber dots on the bottom so you won't slip. You don't feel the dots whilst wearing them with shoes. When my Mum saw them, she wanted to try and now has half my supply. Will definitely buy more.
I like to eat food, food gave me women body parts. This compression shirt makes me feel 100% man again, in public. I'm gonna start working out it on, to see if it actually "shapes" me out. Will update.
Not 100% cotton, think they are cheap knockoff of Calvin Klein underwear
Just what I expected! Fast delivery. Good interaction
Socks are great, true fit!!! Just love them!
I like these because they function as an eyeglass case and can also clean your glasses. I use the inside to clean them. Since they are not bulky allows me to store two pairs of glasses in the overhead eyeglass compartment in the car and protects them from scratches. Also nice to get four.
Great fit and stay in place.
I wanted to love this thing but at this point the only shirts this works on for me are polos. I was looking for a simple way to keep my shirt tucked in and used the shirt stays that clipped to your shirt and your boxers. And although those work flawlessly, its when having to go sit on the toilet is where the challenge presented itself. I put this stay at the bottom button but it constantly unhooks, it moves up so i have to constantly adjust my shirt or else itll peek from underneath my belt. and when i tell you, you have to wear your pants high, you have to wear them to almost up to your belly button. I am 170lb w/34 in waist and i have issues wearing this. I want to love it but i have so many issues compared to my other one that Ive reverted wearing this and shame that the return period has since passed. I do not recommend this product
I am very happy that I added these necklaces to my collection, they are very sturdy and fit nicely. The necklaces shipped very quickly and look exactly like the pictures.
I use these to protect the eyes when snowblowing. Fits my large head comfortably plus keeps the wind and snow from my eyes.
These are very comfortable in all sorts of weather. They are light enough to not be stifling in the summer, yet tightly knit enough to be somewhat windproof in the winter. Great for traveling, as they are lightweight and not bulky to pack. They dry essentially wrinkle free and are very sturdy. The only significant shortcoming is that the side pockets on the legs have no buttons or zippers or snaps or velcro to keep things from falling out of them when you sit. You WILL lose your phone or wallet or keys or something else sooner or later. Aside from that, I wouldn't mind 5 or 6 pair for multitudes of uses. As for the fit, I got a medium-tall for a 33" waist and a 6'2" long-legged frame. The waist is no issue at all, especially because of the elastic and the drawstring that allow for a comfortable fit without ever looking all bunched up. For the length, they bunch up a bit at the bottom, but I like it that way because they don't rise up to become capris when you sit. The non-tall version is OK for wearing boots, but really too short for tennis shoes or anything else.
Nice shorts. Long enough so when you sit down, thighs are still covered. Good quality for the price.
Love these socks. Great for running or general comfort. Quality is amazing..
I wanted to love this shirt. It's lightweight, looks great, and does what I wanted it to (keep sun off of me and be cool). However it runs big. I wear a large t-shirt so I ordered this in medium per other reviews. It was still slightly too big. The main reason behind the 4 stars instead of 5 is that the material is not durable enough. The first time I wore the shirt it snagged on a small piece of Velcro and left marks in about 6 different places on the front of the shirt. I can still wear it about but not in a setting where I want to look presentable.
I love mine I wear everyday . Wonderful!!!!!!!
Nice larger than it looks lots of compartments... just what I needed
Great quality!!!! Authentic !!!! No fake and will be ordering more for my boyfriend
Super ride-up... on first wear.
Love it
Love this wallet - it looks great, is really ultra slim and has RFID Blocking - what more could anyone want. Highly recommend this product.