s & t custom canvas


Your pet in a renaissance portrait on a Samsung Galaxy Case!!
Available for these Models:

  • Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6 and S7

s & t custom canvas

These are so good.
This was birthday present for my husband and it looks great on him! He has a round head on the larger size and it fits him great.
I liked the color blue and the style. I did not like that there was no structure...no bones to this purse. It was very flimsy, and just too lightweight for my taste, so I sent it back for a more weighty purse, and consequently, more costly.
Honestly the material feels pretty good, but heres what irritates me.

It looks like carhartt contracts these out to be made all around the world, probably the cheapest bid. None of them ever fit the same, and they basically send you whatever size they feel like sending you, literally.

I decided to try 4 mediums and they sent me 2 mediums and 2 smalls. Btw Im 190 lbs and 6ft tall, I normally wear a large. The mediums fit ok except that the sleeves were baggy and came down to or past my elbow. I would actually be ok with that if they were tapered a bit but they just look ridiculously big and disproportionate to the way the rest of the shirt fit me.

Get it together carhartt, I returned all 4.
Not sure how you allow for the arms of the frames or how it's measured, but they seem to be JUST a little short over my ears, but are still comforatable. Only noticeable by me, otherwise, I love the shades! Arrived on time, packaged well.
great buy
The earrings are smaller than expected but really nice quality for the price. The only thing I have to say it that one of them wouldn't hold on to the latch to close so i had to tweek to do so , other than that i love them.
nice quality.
Just like everyone else...

Con may outweigh the pros, so con first.

Con: since affordable, it is cheap. Did not wash and frayed after a night of volleyball/working out. Amazons own clothing line should be sending out decent or correct conditioned clothing the first time.

Pros: lightweight, good length, has pockets!! Affordable.

Unfortunately most would go through the refund process and/or replacement.
I will keep the shorts as a reminder for myself when purchasing amazons brand.

Would I buy again?
Probably not, but always worth a gamble for $9.50 a short haha. Or keep going through the hassle of returning/replacing...
realized this bag is too small for me but it is pretty as a small bag.
Very nice charm, I highly recommend it..
This is a fine shirt. The main reason I don't like it is the snug fit, especially in the arms/wrists. I bought this for sleeping in, and I prefer a looser fit for that purpose.
They work as socks should.
These can cure nakedness.
The shirt fits perfectly
i love it, fits nice and is comfortable to wear
this is a cute idea. The pacakging is adorable. Everything is contained in a small silver tin with a little black plane on it. Inside there is a recipe/directions card. The ingredients are packaged in a small cloth drawstring bag with the same airplane motif. Inside were two paper tubes ofsugar, a small bottle of bitters and a linen coaster with the plane motif. There was also supposed to be a cokctail spoon/muddler which was absent in the kit. The directions were easy to follow and there is enough to make two drinks. However the sugar in one of my packets was completely hard. You do have to add the alcohol, ice, glass and any garnishes (an orange slice and a cherry are traditional for an Old Fashioned).

I thought the kit was a clever idea. the tine, drawstring bag and coaster are reusable. It is compact enough to take on a flight or into a hotel to avoid the high costs of the in room bar. But my set was missing the muddler and frankly the current price ($23.17) is high for what you get. For that you can get two or more cocktails on most domestic flights.
Tight around the ankles.
these are fine, but they are pilling up after wearing them just a few times.
I thoroughly enjoy the sunglasses I received. I've been unable to really use them much since I haven't had free time, though the times I've gone out with them people were sure to let me how know how wonderful they looked. I'd 100% recommend these to anyone!
I love this jacket. Be sure to order a size down from your normal, they run big.
Great hat for a great price, so I ended up getting it in two different colors. I can't wait to wear my hats next week for my vacation to Boston and Cape Cod, where these will definitely come in handy!
Fashion magazines are saying that Bucket Hats are THE hat to wear for the 2019 summer season, so I am super excited that I was able to find such a great quality item, that fits like it is supposed to, at such an amazing price! Will definitely be purchasing more hats from here in the future!!
- Made of sturdy but lightweight fabric; great for summer or to wear with layers in the colder months.
- Nice colors.
- Color will probably fade over time, so the shirt will look like the old, comfy "t" that it is.

- Smaller than expected. 4x sleeves usually hang below my elbows; these do not, and the overall width is less than my other 4x shirts. Length is as expected. If I was trying to buy something that fit, I'd go for a size up with this one.
- Color will probably fade over time. I count this as a plus, but some folks would prefer a shirt that stays looking new longer.

Don't know that I'd recommend these shirts but I like them well enough to keep them, so there's that. =-)
Filled me with HOOAH
Good for big feet in tennis shoes
Bought 2 of these hats . Was so pleased bought 3 more for grandkids they love them. Great product.
I love this style bag, I have it 3 in different colors. The shoulder strap is the perfect length for me, I'm 5'2". The bag holds everything I need, even my Kindle. The side pockets give me easy access for my keys and phone.
The ATTLC glasses are fantastic! They look, feel, and wear like glasses costing much, much more...... Very happy and pleased with my ATTCL Men's Hot Retro Metal Frame Driving.
Amazing bag. My best friend randomly takes pictures of it because she loves it.
Socks are exactly what I wanted for wearing with my Crocs outside and for walking on my hardwood flooring inside.