dog canvas art


Through the magic of Photoshop I’ll give your pet the royal treatment, blending the photo you send me with a renaissance painting & taking your pet back in time!

Here’s how it works: Once you’ve placed your order use the dog canvas art to send me a few photos of your pets (preferably a high resolution JPEG). Also on the uploader form you can tell me your pet’s name, if they are a boy or girl, and a bit about their personality. I’ll use the background image in this listing unless you specify otherwise in the form. I’m happy to take your suggestion if you have another specific painting or character in mind.


dog canvas art

My socks came as advertised and in a timely manner. Great deal! Three pair for the cost of one. I'm ordering three more right now!
Decent enough for cheap sunglasses, come with a good amount of extras. Great for the price, good overall as far as sunglasses go. Ended up purchasing these because my other sunglasses are missing and presumed gone forever. I'd recommend them, just don't expect ray-ban or oakley level of detail on them.
We get the same ones over and over
Everything is as expected. I would highly recommend this seller.
Didnt realize it was made of woven plastic.
Like the Purse A lot, Nice And Roomy! Really a Great Buy For The Money!
Nice, solid, well designed wallet. I purchased this wallet because I wanted the security of having a zipper to encase the contents within it. The heavy duty zipper gives me that comfort level.
These fit all of the stuff in all of the right places. They are extremely soft, have no tag, are relatively neutral looking, aka, you won't look like a creep with Armani underwear or a co-ed with shamrock boxers. These are solid, ,adult, quality, not bad looking briefs. Take it from me, I have tried over 15 underwear types throughout my life, these are definitely my favorite.
I loved the idea of not having to worry about my baby girl losing her earrings so quickly but that wasn't that case. She lost these faster than any she's had. :( The earrings themselves are pretty (one of the posts was slightly bent on one) and were just the right size and weight for a 2 year old. Unfortunately she lost one already and I'm left with a single star. I hope to find the other around the house.
They work well, more comfortable than the single style ones.
I wanted this to carry the essential and my phone in my backpack while on vacation. I don't know how long it will last, but it looks nice and worked perfectly for that purpose. The price was good so if it got scratched up being in the bottom of the backpack I'm not out too much. I save it for that purpose and don't use it all the time.
Its a little heavy. And I wish it was just a shoulder bag. Otherwise I love it.
Sturdy. Very nice.
Nice gloves for working out, but totally useless for using my phone. I bought these specifically to replace my other Bionic gloves and now I am back to removing my gloves to use my phone during my workout.
Fits great !
I was curious about the buckle being plastic, but so far this belt has been a blessing especially having harsh nickel allergy and working in an automaton plant. This belt hasnt slipped nor seemed to fail and i love this so far plus free belt and 2 extra buckles you definitely cant go wrong.
This hat is outstanding, I highly recommend it. It is very well-made and has everything you need for sun protection. It stays on in the wind with the strap.
I opened the package containing these shorts about 2 minutes ago.The shorts I received are obviously not new. I first suspected that when I saw the faded tag. Then, to my surprise, I put my hand in the pocket and found a piece of putty! For a moment, I couldn't believe my eyes. Returning immediately!!
I love these shorts and have purchased approximately 20 pairs of them they're comfortable they fit in a good size and they're pretty good looking for the gym
Love these socks. The fit was perfect. They are comfortable and keep my feet warm.
These are really pretty nice especially when you consider the price.
So I have had these for a few months. While I will say they are comfortable and seem to be relatively high quality, I don't think I will ever get more like this. I actually like the boxer-briefs that are more similar to a spandex type material. These ones are very soft and very comfortable but they are more of a tight fitting extra soft cotton material. So I gave this a 4 stars not because the product is bad in any way, just the material is not what I expected and wanted.
Looks very functional. Have not worn it yet in the rain.
Im giving it 5 stars because it looks very nice and arrived quickly, but it was purchased as a Christmas gift for my son so Ill update after he gets it and uses it.
So far great shirt I ordered 3x and it's right on the money I think as far as sizes go great product. It's comfy because material is soft and tagless which makes it even better because you don't have the annoying itchy feeling at the top of your neck. So personally I think this is a great Buy now let's see it stand the test of time.
Works and looks great. I like the little lever to release.
Sizing was not correct as listed on website, on the very small end of wearable
The overall appearance and smell is awesome. Just as i pictured it. The red pull thing is kinda douchy tho.