pop art dogs


This listing is for customers interested in having two pets pictured together in one painting.

Have your beloved pet dogs, cats, fishes, or birds immortalized in a portrait! Jesters, Kings, Queens, Beggars, & Knights — What Renaissance role does your Fido or Felix most resemble?

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pop art dogs

I love it
Turtle earrings bought for my 2 year old granddaughter, they are very cute
Nice and discreet. Love that I can hold everything that was in my bigger wallet in this little one. You can slip it right into a front pocket and rarely know its even there. Unlike the bulky bigger one that usually goes in the back pocket. Had mine for a while now and can honestly say its durable worth it.
Feels like my Dri Fit Nike cotton shorts, though Nike has an edge with quality (tad softer and better elastic band) and color options. However, this is half the price and is very comfortable. Great deal!
Nice belt. All as advertised. Would buy again
Loving this gorgeous ring my hubby got for me. I was hoping to get a band to match. Like the 3rd pic I uploaded, but two tone and same size and color stones as the main ring.
I found this wallet perfect for traveling throughout Europe. Perfect size. Can easily carry in your front pocket. When you open the wallet the money clip makes it fast to get to your cash. Holds just the right number of cards when traveling. I will probably use this wallet when I get back to the states as well. Put my big wallet back in the drawer.
Great quality, soft durable cotton.
Very nice ,well made,This is a gift for my granddaughter. Adults can wear this too
Very comfortable
As described by the site
I have size 10.5 feet and they do not go up very high.
These socks fit perfectly. I always purchase Haines socks as they really last.
My waist size is 35, and I ordered size large. The waistband nearly came to my bellybutton. Not what I expected based on the photos.
If you like very high-waisted underwear, youll like these.
They are perfect to go with my grandma's diamind necklace withour breaking the bank. They sparkle like diamonds and I would bet onky a gemologist could tell the difference.
Item was too large and was returned three weeks ago. Please refund!
perfect, exactly as described and fast shipping
Love them
As described, great product
It fits all my cards but takes up a lot less space than a conventional wallet.
Very large. A bit too big for my liking. I prefer smaller earring with this much bling because they look fake when they are this big.
Wrong blue and not the color on picture looks green/blue
Very disappointed the charms were stuck together
Great quality glasses!
Brown hat not exactly brown
love the color and lots of room
I have a larger head, so finding a hat that fits as well as this one does is rare. Very pleased with the material quality, minimalist design and fit.
this sock quality is good
the thing I didn't like it is this, the sock is long, which is good, but narrow,
so it feels good at the foot area but as you go to the knee is very hard and puts a lot of
pressure, because the socks are the same width from toe to knee

that why I wouldn't recommend or buy again
I got these to wear to work. They are super comfy. Im 54 they are longer on me so I wear them pulled up like high waisted pants for them to fit and not look baggy. I usually wear 38-40 in mens pants and I got a XL because I wanted to make sure they fit my butt.