equine portraits


Through the magic of Photoshop I’ll give your pet the royal treatment, blending the photo you send me with a renaissance painting & taking your pet back in time!

Here’s how it works: Once you’ve placed your order use the pet photo uploader to send me a few photos of your pets (preferably a high resolution JPEG). Also on the uploader form you can tell me your pet’s name, if they are a boy or girl, and a bit about their personality. I’ll use the background image in this listing unless you specify otherwise in the form. I’m happy to take your suggestion if you have another specific painting or character in mind.


equine portraits

These are knit boxers that stretch when I stretch, don't ride up, the elastic doesn't irritate and they are comfortable. I expected a color combination as shown in the product description (grey, blue, red, green and black) but ended up with just grey and blue...not a big deal since I keep my pants over my underwear but worth pointing out. There's nothing about these that cause them to exceed my expectations, but they are acceptable. One of the reasons I chose Hanes over the competition is that the medium size is 34/36 instead of 32/34 like the other sellers (I'm a size 35; 34 is too small and 36 is too large). These fit perfectly.
They came in great shape, but the pants didn't all fit the same only 2 of the pants actually fit my child and I got a size up from what she normally wears.
True to color and good quality
If you don't want a belt squeezing your guts -- use this. Keeps your pants up!
My 11 year old granddaughter LOVED this!! I gave it to her at Christmas and I dont think she has taken it off since LOL!!!
very satisfied
I mainly brought it for when we go on our cruise next year when we go to the different ports.
Great fit, great cooling while running
My Mother loved the bracelet for Mothers day gift. These bangles are cut small though.
I love this bag. It's very stiff when you first get it but it softens as you use it. It is much larger than I expected but I will keep it.
This shirt fit as expected!
Nice basic array... made well for the price.
Given as a gift - needed for part of a work uniform. Worked great.
Looks great. Good quality
Good, Gets scratched easily though
i had one of these for a couple of years and lost it and this was it's replacement and it is just as good as the other one. it runs big but i really like it like that because i can pull it down all the way over the back of my neck for extra coverage and i would rather have too much than not enough. nice and soft material but fits snugly enough with no scratchiness and can be worn all day.
Perfect fit small brim good for golfing
Better than expected...posts are extremely long though. Really sparkle.
Great hat. Just what I wanted.
Bought as Christmas gift nice and sturdy material. Would buy again.
Very comfortable socks purchased for a vacation to Iceland. Kept my feet warm then and still do in cool Carolina evenings.
Two of 4 came shorter in terms of shirt length. My guess is two were Large (what I ordered) and two were Medium. Both fit as should but half my order was stil wrong so 4/5.
Great material and its comfort
I liked the price and how quickly I got it. I dont think the quality is as good as it would be if I got the same thing from the MK store.