extra large custom canvas prints


This listing is for customers interested in having two pets pictured together in one painting.

Have your beloved pet dogs, cats, fishes, or birds immortalized in a portrait! Jesters, Kings, Queens, Beggars, & Knights — What Renaissance role does your Fido or Felix most resemble?

See description below for more details…


extra large custom canvas prints

Its still a hat
Very pretty just like pictures
This hat is great, it fits well and well made and my second one is on the way!
Was a gift for son-in-law that he had borrowed from my son and loved so I got one for him for Christmas too! He was very happy with it!
Love the bag. Strap is too short to be a true shoulder bag.
Excellent sunglasses. My husband
Loves them. Best ones he ever had.
I highly recommend them. Great
Quality and great price.
This is a very good product. My face and neck stay warm in the coldest weather. It's soft and light weight. I've been using it every day.
Very cute
I Love it
Great product. It is very comfortable and durable after repeated laundry. I will buy it again.
Great wallet for a youth
No. Me gust se ve de mala calidad y me quedan demasiado grandes
My son liked the fit. It's more of a slim fitting hoodie. The arm length is great as well the overall length. It does shrink a little after you dry it so you might want to size up if it's slim fitting to begin with
I ordered relaxed fit, but received regular fit. I have been buying relaxed fit for years, and they always say "Relaxed Fit" on the care tag. These do not. Tried them on and they are ok, but not what I ordered. I won't bother returning but won't order them again.
I only received this yesterday, I was leary about buying this bag but as far as I have seen it will work great!! It has more room inside than I thought it would. The only thing I have issue with is ajusting the shoulder straps. Cannot seem to make it longer to go across me. But never worry I will figure it out.
Product is very thin and it is itchy. The arm wrist ends are tight. Not as expected. Gildan is not the product to buy. Have to search for other manufacturers.
A good quality shirt. You should have fee complaints about Carhart clothing.
Love it. Well made and very pretty.
A little tight for a 34, wish they made a 35.
Nice woven material and comfortable fit.
If your looking for sunglasses that do not fog up when youre walking or running in cold weather, forget these! Mine fogged up so much I could no see anything after less then 30 seconds in front of me. I had to stop, take the off and wipe them off. Following, I had to go back to my house and get a pair of VENTURE Fogless sunglasses!
The quality is good but the sizes run very big.
Thick and high quality socks. These should last years. BUY THESE
I wear size 13 wide shoes and these fit great. I love the feel of the fabric too.
This what I wanted. A heavier weight all cotton t-shirt. I need a 2XT so I keep my back side covered up when I bend over.
I've tried getting these at my local Walmart but they never had my size available. I order them on Amazon and got them in 2 days. Good deal & service.
Fits perfect and is a wonderful solution to needing to have a hair tie with me but not liking the pinch...
Great wallet with money clip.
A bit larger than I expected, but still good.