pet portrait paintings from photos


Through the magic of Photoshop I’ll give your pet the royal treatment, blending the photo you send me with a renaissance painting & taking your pet back in time!

Here’s how it works: Once you’ve placed your order use the pet portrait paintings from photos to send me a few photos of your pets (preferably a high resolution JPEG). Also on the uploader form you can tell me your pet’s name, if they are a boy or girl, and a bit about their personality. I’ll use the background image in this listing unless you specify otherwise in the form. I’m happy to take your suggestion if you have another specific painting or character in mind.


pet portrait paintings from photos

Thank you very much for the fast delivery !Bag super !!I am very happy with the purchase, I will order more !
Lots of pockets, fits regular size wallet and my iPhone.
Too tght.
I love this purse! I took a star away for the fact that its pretty flimsy and when you set it down it topples over, but thats just the style of the purse. It serves me well for travel and day trips!
The best beach bag I have EVER owned! Took it to Aruba & it held everything I needed. The beach was pretty big so when I got out of the water, I just looked for my bag & I knew exactly where my hut was located.
loved it
I bought these for my Fianc and they look great.
Well made and true to size
I bought this belt for my husband, who goes through a lot of belts due to being in construction. This belt is super durable. The ONLY downside it has is how difficult it is to remove from belt loops, especially in a pinch in areas like airport security. Other than that, this is a fantastic belt.
I love this wallet.The high quality material and craftsmanship of this product makes me feel classy. Its thin so you don't feel a huge bulge Iyour pocket. I love pulling it out in stores when I go to pay so people in line can see it. It's that great. Highly recommended
Cute and sturdy
Pairs well with the matching lanyard
Been looking for a quality mens briefs and these are really what I have been looking for. Great fit, waist elastic is strong as well as the leg openings. Heavier cotton material than most on the market. These compare to the quality of the Dockers briefs
Just a brief note. This is a very good deal. I have used web belts for 3 decades and have spent twice as much. Now the buckle isn't a 5 star piece but its sturdy and that is what I was looking for. A good value.
Good t-shirt
works beautifully
These are perfect for my daughter turning 9. I did switch out the backing of the earring to plastic so that my daughter can sleep with these on. Nice rose gold color, opal middle and the size is not too big nor too small. Great quality!
Comfortable. My favorite socks
I have purchased a couple of wallets here lately I bought one a few months back that was awful but this one here is right on time very durable built like it should be the only thing is you better get a chain because a leather strap does not last no time but besides that its worth every penny I love it
Shoulder strap did not hold up. The first side broke off 3 weeks in. So I attached it to the handle. The other side broke off about a month later. Cheap.
I really like it
Had to send it back b/c it ran way too small.
My fianc has a smaller frame so the medium should have been just fine w a little room to spare. Instead it was like him wearing an extra small! I think I would hv to get him an extra large in order for it to fit and he doesnt wear a large or extra large in anything!!
these are probably the nicest glasses i have ever owned, and worn. they are light, and they
make the world a nicer place to see!!!!
I've been using shirt stays for 30 years and have always hated them. This product has solved the problem for us tall guys by anchoring around the thighs instead of the feet. The clamps are very well made and keep the material in place. The stitching is sturdy as well. This is by far the best product of its kind that I have ever used, and I highly recommend it.
this is what I was looking for
love that they are on the smaller side as I have small earlobes. Great quality - perfect!
3 mouths in and its great
I liked them they are very comfortable
My husband loved these tees. They fit and feel great. Worth buying.
I love my new wallet. Great quality.Élastique-Pantalon-Panneled-Auto-cravate