pink pet carriers small dogs


Through the magic of Photoshop I’ll give your pet the royal treatment, blending the photo you send me with a renaissance painting & taking your pet back in time!

Here’s how it works: Once you’ve placed your order use the pet photo uploader to send me a few photos of your pets (preferably a high resolution JPEG). Also on the uploader form you can tell me your pet’s name, if they are a boy or girl, and a bit about their personality. I’ll use the background image in this listing unless you specify otherwise in the form. I’m happy to take your suggestion if you have another specific painting or character in mind.


pink pet carriers small dogs

These yoga pants are the best!
Very good belt.
Purchased this as an XMAS gift. She loved it!
Great quality! My dickies belts last years!
Very soft material, the color is very nice
Lenses are definitely the best part of these sunglasses and that's why I bought them - they are also stylish, suit most face shapes and are very comfortable!
i use this for work to cover my uniform on the buss and when get lunchtime at work .
This purse is great. It has a large amount of space inside with sections so things can be found easily. The leather is nice quality. Ive gotten a lot of compliments saying how nice it looks.
It is comfortable for me. Light & build quality is good.
Good zipper, nice soft materal
I like that these socks come up above the ankle and stay put. The compression is comfortable and not restrictive at all.
The socks came in great condition and boyfriend likes them.
I love my sunglasses and it does the job.
nice,but i wasn't a surprise
I bought both size 8 for my 8 year old about 50-52 pounds and size 12 for my 10 year old about 85 pounds both fit perfect and both my daughters' said how COMFORTABLE they are.
Too bulky. Relegated to driving glasses only.
fit good
Nice width and clamping force. I usually have 20-25 bills so this is a perfect size. I'm glad I got it.
Perfect fit and nice fabric without a dumb tag!
Like it!
This is a great addition to my winter hunting gear. It adds an extra layer to my comfort, and fits perfectly under my wool hat.
Great style, rarely gets loose
I've been dealing with arthritis in my right foot and have been trying to find a way to reduce pain when walking. A cortisone shot lasted for 2 weeks. Not what I was hoping for. Decided to try compression socks. Not out a lot of money if they didn't make a difference. I am delighted to say the compression socks do make a difference. My foot has a lot more stability and less pain when I wear the socks. Don't love the look of ankle socks but willing to deal with it because my foot feels so much better.
I have very sensitive ears. They get itchy, irritated, and red when I wear any cheap earrings for more than a few hours. I put these in my newly pierced ears after 2 weeks. I have been wearing them for 3 months non-stop. There is no discomfort and no redness.

There is some tarnishing that I think it is a reaction to my healing ears. I clean them with saline solution when I clean my ears and the tarnish usually wipes right off. It is NOT the green kind of patina when brass or nickel has been exposed. It is a reddish-black tarnish that turns back to gold when I clean them.

The only complaint I can say is that the stems were a little crooked. I think this is just because real metals are softer. Honestly, you cannot tell when you are wearing them, so it is not a problem for me.

I was skeptical because they were cheap, but there is no way fake earrings would survive my ears for 3 months. Just to clarify, you get 6 of the gold studs, 6 of the cubic zirconia studs, 12 metal backs, and 12 rubber backs. Absolutely worth the price.

I included an image in case anyone is wondering how they fit on second piercings.
I bought two as gifts. Inspirational note inside. They loved the bracelets.
I wear a large but ordered x-large because I know shirts like these shrink down a size within a year. The shirts feel light, which I like, since I use these as an undershirt for work (when white is too bright.) That's all there is to say about a pack of shirts.
I either have lost or stepped on this same pair of sunglasses 6 times and I keep coming back. I love the look and how they worké