pet oil painting portraits


Through the magic of Photoshop I’ll give your pet the royal treatment, blending the photo you send me with a renaissance painting & taking your pet back in time!

Here’s how it works: Once you’ve placed your order use the pet photo uploader to send me a few photos of your pets (preferably a high resolution JPEG). Also on the uploader form you can tell me your pet’s name, if they are a boy or girl, and a bit about their personality. I’ll use the background image in this listing unless you specify otherwise in the form. I’m happy to take your suggestion if you have another specific painting or character in mind.


pet oil painting portraits

I've bought several of brands and this one is good. Sleeve length is a little long but then it can cover the tops of your hands if you don't want it sun exposed. I'm not going to say it runs big but it was slightly big on my husband who 5'6 but athletically built
Very easy to use, and looks great. So simple to adjust.
Boxers were slightly irregular but kept anyway bcus they were a part of his valentines basket gift
No complaints
My son opened and early christmas present and he loves it. Especially being able to take a bath with it. He is 7 and it was fun explaining the different Features.
Perfect length, the cargo pockets are stylish and they provide ample room in the waist.
Works great! My husband loves it
Love the relaxed fit! Perfect.
Have been wearing these for years and happy to have found them on Amazon. They are comfortable and wear well.
Great Christmas pajama panrs
Was given as a gift, no complaints.
Great quality, great construction. Gorgeous leather.
I love this bag for the summer. I only wish the clear plastic beads holding it together didn't show so muc, but I love it anyways!
Lining separated after just a few uses.
I expected it to Brown with the inside pink it was pink with the inside Brown. Its reversible but the seams show that the Brown is the inside.
Nice low priced hat
i use it to eat and sleep.
People say its good for workout too. But o ratjer eat and sleep in these pants. They feel very comfortable.
I really liked these shades...until I had to wipe the lens. The color coating came right off. I've added a pic so you can see what I'm talking about. I wear prescription glasses, so I wasn't using these on a regular basis. I think I only wore them like 4-5 times and I used my cleaning cloth from the optometrist which works beautifully on my prescriptions. These are cheap garbage, save your money for a more reputable brand name. Very unhappy, these should be no more than $5.00
I have received so many compliments on this purse!
It holds just about everything I could want it to. I love that it has a wide opening. I cannot say how much I hate a purse that does not let me look inside of it!
Great size bag for my 9 year old daughter! She can use it as a purse or dance bag.
This belt works surprisingly well, & better than expected. This belt is lightweight, with minimalist good looks, & works as advertised. I was a little hesitant to spend $35 bucks for a 1 ounce piece of metal & a strip of fabric. However, I was pleasantly surprised that this belt holds snug & does not dig into your skin or stomach. Additionally, the design is super simple & the sizing is accurate. I have been using this belt for a week & it has quickly replaced ALL of my other belts, as this belt could work for every day as well as for business casual. This belt COULD work with suit & tie, but this is purely personal preference. The only question/concern at this point is longevity (will the belt maintain it's grip over time?) but I am not concerned about this as the product feels very sturdy & well made.
i like that it is long enough to cover a backpack and yourself and keep your legs dry as well.
Bought this watch for my daughter. She has been wanting a watch that she could read the time and would also count her steps. This watch does a horrible job counting steps. She can be standing in place and it continues to count as if she is still walking.
They run true to size and are comfortable. I selected these after returning another brand that had fabric so thin you could see through them. Everything about these seem quality. I'll buy these Gold Toes again.
Nice hat for price however was packed in a box with garden hose and another small item and hat was crushed. Tried to straighten brim but now one side droops. Products nice but however packed it needs re training.
Looovvee these
This bag is perfect. Great for fast trips.
I have been wearing a another brand and wanted to try something new- and now I won't go back to the other brand. I love the cushion these give and they hold up very well either running (over 10 miles) or playing golf. I will be buying more. They are arrived quickly and were exactly as described.