unique pet portraits


This listing is for customers interested in having two pets pictured together in one painting.

Have your beloved pet dogs, cats, fishes, or birds immortalized in a portrait! Jesters, Kings, Queens, Beggars, & Knights — What Renaissance role does your Fido or Felix most resemble?

See description below for more details…


unique pet portraits

My dad loved it
Love this wallet. So easy to access frequently used cards. Classy looking leather.
Not long enough. Shoulder strap cuts into neck.
Very big, nice purse will purchase more.
Very light, forgot they were on. Didn't notice any distortion. Cut the glare on the tennis court,which is what I bought them for.
Fits Good and looks quality. Very clean too. I'm proud of it. A true man hat. Not that flat bill stuff.
Great for the buck.
I bought this for my 18 yr old daughter, she's very happy with it! Cute handbag, good quality, decent price, delivered on time!
Love it
I needed a small earring for the 3rd hole I have in my left ear & because I love anything in rose gold, I knew this would be the perfect solution since I didn't want to spend a lot of money. These are dainty & feminine.
My wallet was old. It was through some dirty work environments for maybe 15 years; and then it went through the washer and drier. Oops. Had to get a new one. The Stay Fine wallet I purchased is OK, simple design like I wanted, but overall, I think I could have purchased the same quality for half or 60% of what I paid. I'll keep it because I don't need the hassle of returning it. If it were $20, I'd rate it 4 stars.

New edit: Glue in one corner of the money compartment sticks to the bills. Hard to take money out of wallet. The glue will lose its stickiness in time. Its an ok wallet. I like the design, simple. Its a little bit pricy and now the glue problem. The makers seem like they intend to build a quality product.
Love this bag. I was looking for something I could use for work that wasnt bulky but large enough to hold everything I needed as well as stylish and this does just that plus it looks great! If there is anything I dont like (and this isnt a big issue for me) it would be that the liner is separate from the bag itself. I would definitely recommend purchasing it.
Good size, light, padded strap, washable
Great comfort
First time getting these socks and I love them!
I will definitely be buying more and probably will only stick to these from this point on.
Tal cual en la imagen me encanto
Muy bonita como la quera
The quality is really bad. Do not recommend to anyone
The current description doesn't mention it, so be warned that this plays Let It Go. Loudly. With the touch of a button that even a 3 year old can press. On the upside it broke after 2 weeks.
Best material for work.
Great price and fast delivery. My husband only uses this type wallet and they are somewhat hard to find.
Soft ,bright colors, not heavy cute with Mary jane shoes or sneakers
Awesome product, awesome price. Nice little company, good to support.
The shirts are fine all except the sizing is way small. It says men's XL on the bag and on each shirt but it is more like a child's XL at best. I'm 5'8 and 165lbs not what I would call big and these things barely fit me. I guess I should have gotten XXL or even XXXL.
Glasses are nice!!! Fit well
It's smooth and great quality
Love the cut, fit, and look of these sock. Price was good for 5 pairs. The only thing I wish different is that the material was thicker. These are definitely on the thin material side, meaning these will wear out sooner than later for me. Seems everyone nowadays makes things that look good, but skimp on materials to save cost and maximize profit. If these were made thicker, I would have given it 5 stars, but I'm sure that the price would also go up, meaning it will affect sales. We're in the current world of using studies and statistics to maximize profits at the lowest cost, so it's not surprising. Gone are the days when things were made to last. Businesses get out-competed if they don't maximize profits these days, so they need to make things last just enough for repeat sales and keep making more money. Sad state of affairs - World economy has globalized and become cut-throat, and almost predatory.
I love this wallet. 10x better than the ridge knockoff I tested out before getting a ridge.