cool pet portraits


This listing is for customers interested in having two pets pictured together in one painting.

Have your beloved pet dogs, cats, fishes, or birds immortalized in a portrait! Jesters, Kings, Queens, Beggars, & Knights — What Renaissance role does your Fido or Felix most resemble?

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cool pet portraits

It is unfortunate that I have to write to ding this socks, as they were nice and comfy out of the bag. However, I've only had these for a few months and ALREADY there is a hole in the toe of a sock! This is not good at all; the old packs of socks that I'd buy when Sears used to exist, those bad boys were (and still are) rugged and only after years plural did they start wearing, and all at the heel not at the toe. Very disappointed in a quick hole. Hoping that maybe its one bad sock, but still even *one* this early is pretty bad.
Fit great and comfortable.
Nice bag and great gift for a teacher. However, I ordered it in green which is the teachers favorite color and they sent it in black.
Love it i am. Buying all the colors one by one
Wallet is cute and nice storage space for my daily needs. great price. BUT a few improvements could be made 1)the button clasp broke, no longer snaps 2)the card slot material is not very stable, ripped, cards all just fall into one bunch now-no longer seperated.
Was used as part of a costume fro a play. Definitely fit the bill.
This seems to be a top quality wallet! Feels like a good leather product. I removed the thing from my old wallet and the Simideo product is much thinner with everything in it. I would recommend it. I just hope the RFID protects my cards .
It's a very good product but could have been better, the quality of the fabric could have been better. Overall I give it a four stars rating because the fabric was not the best fabric for this. But it look nice and overall it's very good.
These are perfect for me and just what I wanted. Perfect size and weight for petite face, sturdy, and super affordable. Even the case is thick enough to offer protection yet not be bulky. I have gotten compliments on them which surprised me since its a standard style! Purchased two red pairs and the matte black.
perfect visibility! quality construction. Very comfortable!
These shirts seem very well made and the sizing seems accurate too.
Material fees good n it looks cute on my niece.
Perfect size, polarized, dark lenses that make mid summer mid day glare a breeze to walk around in. The sky is so now and the clouds pop with the filtered out diffracted light. The classic wayfayrer look, a nice cloth case to boot. This is a great buy. The quality is as good as those 4 times the price. Will likely buy another pair. Also arrived in a couple days.
just beautiful
The shirts are great but the colors are not the same as the picture in amazon.
Amazing wallet, Ive gotten several complements when Ive pulled it out to pay for things. The only issue I have is the zipper isnt as durable as I would like it to be. Holds a good amount of cards and cash without being too bulky and I love the RFID blocking inner liner. This is my absolute favorite wallet Ive had in a long time.
Fantastic looking glasses that fit well.
The carrying case is nice and comes with nice accessories

The carrying case comes with a ring of fabric and carabiner clip which I thought was very useful and handy, as I bike a lot and could just clip them to my backpack without having to dig through anything. However, the fabric ring ripped off after a week (or less) of use. Fortunately I heard it hit the ground and didn't lose it.
The glasses look very nice but still have that cheap plastic feel and weight to them. That's to be expected with the price, but I was still a little let down after seeing how good they looked.

Overall very worth it, especially for the price.
Really disappointed...all I received was the pendant. No earrings
The wallet itself is pretty well made, the chain that comes with it is pretty worthless though too thin and will break the first time it snags something.
very well made product, i bought more than one, great price.
The draw strings were poorly sewn at the back seam of the waistband and pulled loose on the first wearing..
Good buy and seems to be good quality
I'm 5'8" with 32" waist and 31" inseam. On seeing reviews that these run large, I ordered size small. They fit well - length is only a smidge long and waist is comfortably snug (the waistband is elastic). They look great, are well constructed of quality material, and are comfy. I'm pleased with the purchase.
Muy buenos, tela , calidad y la talla, mi esposo quedo encantado, muy buen producto
High quality and fashionable. Was a gift and recipient loved it.
My wedding set is a size too big after some weight loss and it wiggles. These bands are high quality and keep my others in place. I dont take my rings off to wash my hands, shower, or clean so they take a beating and they still look brand new. Super happy with these, especially for the price!
Had Circulatr problems
shirts are thin material and have no folded hem. They are serged at the bottom but no hem. They fit snug, but my son is happy with them