personalised iphone covers


This listing is for customers interested in having FIVE pets pictured together in one custom pet painting.

Have your beloved pet dog, cat, fish, or bird immortalized in a portrait! Jesters, Kings, Queens, Beggars, & Knights — What Renaissance role does your Fido or Felix most resemble?


personalised iphone covers

poor quality cotton. shirts shrunk two sizes after the first wash!
Large size, great quality.
My husband loves these underwear. He won't wear anything else lol. They are very soft!
I loved the style and the color plus had a lot of pockets but the lining started coming apart at the top.
Nicely designed wallet, it's sleek and functional.
Fit as expected, and these are lighter-weight (thinner material) than Carharrt Tees I have bought in the past, but for summer wear that's fine. For winter wear, I layer the long sleeve model under a button-up shirt and a Carharrt duck canvas jacket or coat.
This magnet holds my bracelet securely. Just what I wanted. This is my second

I got the backpack with the extra smaller pocket in front. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and it's exceeded my expectations! It's a little bigger than I thought it would be. It's tall enough to fit notebooks and my 13in macbook (a little tough to fit my laptop case though). And it's wide enough to fit mostly everything you'd need for school/work. There's multiple pockets inside the backpack and a small pocket on the back of the bag as well. Never seen a bag with a pocket in the back before but I guess more pockets doesn't hurt!

I was afraid that the straps might start to come off the seams after some wear but they seem really durable. I would still refrain from putting anything too heavy, inside though (like hardcover textbooks, etc).

A few downsides:
- Zipper of the main, big pocket is kinda weirdly placed. It's not right on top of the bag like most backpacks. It's kinda lower and to the front if that makes sense? It's not a big deal but it makes zippering it a little bit more difficult. And the zipper gets stuck time to time.
- The magnet that closes the bag flap is very weak. Usually bags like this have a stronger magnet to allow it to close easily. With this bag you gotta kinda push it in to close it. Not a big deal but takes a little extra effort.
- When you first get the bag, it smells VERY strongly of fake leather for a while. It's been 2 weeks and it still smells. but more faint now. There's no way to get rid of the smell except to air it out.

I would definitely recommend this backpack. It's cute and affordable and durable!
Like the bag.It has room for just about anything I can put in there and still be able to carry. This is the large one.
Lens scratched in my front pouch without much pressure. They look and fit great though.
DO NOT BUY!!! There are NO backs to these earrings, just the fronts. (The earrings are held in place by a little mirror.)
This bag exceeded my expectations. I only wish the hardware was silver but I can get over that. Its just an awesome bag@
Terriffic "diamond" stud earrings. I couldn't believe how beautiful they are.
Fits well, great for MTB in variable light.
Overall great shirt fits just right
Material feels good not cheap
510 189 pounds
Very Good
Honestly, these briefs are the most comfortable pair of boxer briefs Ive ever owned.
Like the bag very much. This is the second everywhere bag I've purchased. The only drawback is the color is slightly more Marine hued than the Cobalt blue pictured.
I bought this cute wallet as a gift for a friend. Unfortunately, as soon as I opened the plastic packaging I noticed a very strong chemical odor. I have tried everything I can think of to get rid of the smell but will probably have to return the item. So disappointed.
Great sock, great value!
Very stylish, they fit well, and the polarization is quality. My only reservation was the "Made in China" labeling. However, I looked at the same product at a large, well-known, national department store and the same glasses had the same "Made in China" label. Good product that I'm happy with.
This item is not only beautiful and well-made, but it also does what they say it will do. Well done! Thank you!
Way to tight on legs and got even worse after first wash
I bought this belt on august 9 and the imitation leather has broken at the belt buckle 4 or 5 times . I would cut off a half inch and reattach it only to have it break again a couple weeks later . My wife bought a black one from menards and I haven't hade any problem with it
I wore these over my glasses to play nine holes of golf on an over cast day. By the eighth hole I noticed the top of my ears were hurting. Not sure I would recommend these.
All I can say is YASSSSSSSSSSS
Cute but, the back on one of the earings kept coming undone. I screwed it back on about 5 times before deciding to return them. They came undone the morning of the day i was going to return them and I finally lost the back..
i do not recommend them!
Great put off buying for YEARS
embarrassed..but no I hide them under my shirt nobody knows
I dont have to hold my pants up.
Belt never worked for me
Great socks! Not too hot and the material is excellent.