extra small dog carriers


This listing is for customers interested in having two pets pictured together in one painting.

Have your beloved pet dogs, cats, fishes, or birds immortalized in a portrait! Jesters, Kings, Queens, Beggars, & Knights — What Renaissance role does your Fido or Felix most resemble?

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extra small dog carriers

These earrings are very cheap quality, the backs of the earring bend and break the first time I put in my daughter's ears. I would give this 0 stars.
Very well made
LOOOVVEEEE these sweatshirts. I wasnt sure how the fit was going to be but it was actually exactly what I expected/was hoping for and maybe even ran a little large but Im not quite sure. I was very happy with this purchase!! Theyre SOOOOO comfortable and soft on the inside!! Not super thin but definitely a little more lightweight I would say which was perfect for me. Very soft on the inside. The fabric wasnt super stiff also which was great because I hate stiff sweatshirt material that makes your shoulders box out and such.
Me Llego a tiempo y muy lindos los diseos. Me encantaron
It was sent as a gift and my son sent me a thank you note saying that it works very well for his needs.
helps hold it all in and helps with posture as well
Bought without reading the reviews, my bad!
Size 4-5 is not true to size. Very tight on our daughter. Would have fit when she was like, 2 years old.
They otherwise seem to be nice quality and arrived quickly. Just wish Id read the other reviews first, warning of this issue and ordered a larger size
It's great!
This wallet meets most of my needs. You can car multiple card as well as multiple IDs. It would be nice if there were a few more additional slots for things such as gift and rewards cards.
Good quality.
Todo,est muy lindo
Super lightweight shorts! Great for summer time. I love the cargo pockets because they are there but somewhat concealed on the pant.
It a good purse i love the size ,and room in the purse , and the room
I wasn't sure about the size, but these fit perfect. Best fitting and looking sunglasses I've ever owned. Love them
Absolutely love this purse.!!
These socks are pretty low quality. They feel scratchy and cheap (which they were).
Liked the softness and fit well after first wash
Good construction, but made of recycled garbage with short life expectancy
Wranglers usually hold up well. Been wearing brand for years. These are beginning to show beginning of holes after two washings.
Love it
Got rid of the bulky back pocket bifold. Made me realize I carried too much unnecessary stuff. Carry this & my phone in the same pocket, very good purchase. Time will tell with durability but doing good after 3 weeks
Whatever I guess its a good hat it didnt really look how I expected it but I was looking for a particular kind of bill on the hat.
Awesome blue light glasses and very cute on!
great sun glasses but to big on my face.
Nice material, fit well. Son is happy!
These appear to be factory rejects. I have bought this particular make and model multiple times previously from other sellers and they fit perfectly. These all fit as though they were miss cut or stitched and seller refused to allow return because the packaging had been opened. Well how was I supposed to discover the issue without opening the packaging and putting a pair on?
I'm loving this wallet. I've got the main card holder with 4 cards in it, the trigger fans out the cards with just enough room to pick which card you want to grab. I've got the leather on the outside with 2 cards in the front pocket and 3 cards in the back pocket. I'm also using one of the bands on the outside for cash if I ever have cash on me. So far I'm loving this thing, even if I need to put it in my back pocket, it's still more comfortable than my old bifold...
Got this shirt to wear riding my lawn tractor. It's fine enough to be worn as a casual shirt. Columbia's medium size is what other makers call large size. Order down a size.
Loved it and no scratches
Pretty piece of jewelry. Good quality. Paid a little over 30 bucks for it. No regrets