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custom animal portraits

The necklace is so delicately beautiful. I love it!!!!
Great fit and breathe ability, will definitely order again.
Just received it and love it but dislike how you cant adjust the strap as its pretty long! Other than that lots of space inside.
Nope, can't give a good review.
While they aided in adding warmth to some snowy days, they came unstitched after the second wearing.
Wore this item for about 2 hours twice, then laundered.
Came apart in the dryer.
I wasn't expecting them to be nice. They were so nice that I started recommending them to my friends. Great purchase.
Great Product
Exactly as advertised. Great for a costume.
Love this cute darling handy purse. Great affordable gift, I've purchased 5. They make wonderful gifts.
My daughter loves this. Right name. Right look. Right size!
Lots of pockets for items such as keys and phone. Roomy and love the dual handle options
Fits great
Feels cheap material, I think its not even real carbon fiber. Definitely not the same one I bought two years ago! Very disappointed.
I buy the Hanes sweatshirts for my htv projects and they are always consistent and perfect for what I need. They also fit true to size and are comfortable and reasonably priced.
These socks are perfect for cold times. They're soft inside, warm, and not super tight.
Make sure you wash these kinds of socks inside out to keep them perfect.
For me personally, it isnt the greatest running shirt. Not super comfortable and plasticky.
Prefer Dri Fit.
Irritating during longer runs past 30 mins.
I should order two of them!
My Wife loves them
Socks fit, feel, and look great. I only wish that they weren't a magnet for lint in the dryer.
card slots are to small and rip when you pull items from wallet
Fit as expected. It gets a little swampy down there after running or working out. Good value though.
This hoodie keeps me warm enough, the zipper works just fine, and I love the black shade! Its the perfect hoodie for me.
My daughter said it is good and it works for her
I love this bag. I have had so many compliments on it.
Giving to my daughter who is no essential for Kroger during this rough time an it has brought her nothing but good luck
Very well made. High quality sunglasses. Liked them very much.
I love this design-- a nice intersection of tech humor and a good message for those of us who lean introverted and want a moment or two to frame a spoken reply.

Unfortunately the shirt itself is so-so. The top half is a little narrower cut than I expected, the material is sort of thin, the combination making it crease under my pecs in an unattractive fashion if I slouch at all. The logo is also wide enough to be partially hidden if worn under a hoodie.

For the price I didn't expect nice material, but did expect a better cut. Back it goes...
I finally found a pair of socks that fit. Have always bought socks that fit sizes 6 to 12. Finally found a pair that fit my size 15 foot.
I have been eyeing this bag since I saw someone carrying it. Finally received it today and while the bag is cute and seems to have lots of functionality internally, it has a major flaw with the overall design. The shoulder strap is NOT adjustable. I knew that when I purchased the bag but I read so many reviews that said the bag still fit them right despite the strap not being adjustable that I decided to give it a chance. Needless to say, I ended up quite disappointed.

I am 5'7 1/2" and fairly big-chested and this bag literally sits right below my chest. Why on Earth they would not make the strap adjustable is beyond me, especially since it's supposed to be worn as a cross-body bag. So now I am faced with the dilemma of keeping it and using it as a shoulder bag (which I don't really want to do, hence me buying a cross-body bag) or returning it and I really am torn. It's an adorable bag overall. With the exception of the material being different than what I thought it was, it has plenty of space on the inside and just looks cute. I really feel if they made the strap adjustable, they would have a seriously awesome product on their hands. As of now its just, meh.