fancy phone cases

Top quality for a great price.
Once it arrived I doubted my girlfriends finger was small enough for the ring size. The ring is adjustable & worked really well. Great price for a great product
Its not god skin!!!
Turned colors.
Eliminates cumbersome wallet. Holds bills and cards securely.
Si llego gracias gracias
I did like these earrings, however they were not the 8mm that I ordered and are comparable to the 10mm hoop earrings I have already. On the outside of the bag had a label of the size, some of the 10mm were scribbled on to say 8, some were not. I will keep these as extras, as mine get lost from time to time. I'm sad to say I will not be ordering from this company again in the future.
My daughter loved these
My ankle bracelet is a sweet Mother's Day gift to compliment my ankle.
Very heavy duty. Good for heavy work jeans.
This is a great product for skiers and biking in the cold windy weather. I ordered one and returned for two more. Your goggles won't fog and the material is excellent.
Recieved quickly. Packaged nicely. 15 year old son really likes it.
This is a gift for my wife. So I really can't give a review. Not my thing haha. I can say it arrives really fast and looks and feels like great quality. Im sure she will love it.
I love my purse, it's beautiful and fashion.
You cant beat these sunglasses for the price! Very comparable to more expensive brands. You will not be disappointed.
It was a gift.
They were difficult getting in my ear, but that is perfect for me because I don't intend on taking them out. I have a sensitivity to cheap jewelry, so I know this is real gold. My old gold hoops had a snap enclosure and they constantly poked the back of my ear while sleeping. I can't feel these at all while laying on my side. I will be buying more in the future for my other piercings.
I really like this product. I especially like how it looks. Be aware it is very tight where the cards are kept. I think about six cards is the max. You could fit more in but it would be difficult to take them out. Hands down a better deal than the one priced at over seventy dollars.
They fit my daughter for like a 3T
Hubby liked the look
Luna Sailor Moon Purse
I have been waiting for this and it arrived and it is everything I wanted! Note that a long zip wallet will squeeze fit into it (taking half of the space), yet doesn't ruin the material or stitch. I can fit my long wallet, spray, taser, cigs, Sharpie/pen, mascara/eyeliner, and clip my keys on the side. Worth the buy, absolutely love it & will be buying one for my sister and also one in white!
Shirts were extremely thin and the colors were very weird, almost strip-like.
These are my FAVORITE socks! I reach for these before any other sock because of how soft and comfy they are. They have a little extra padding or something on the bottom that I absolutely love. I will definitely order more of these socks!!!
great for working out in, breathable material very lightweight
They work great on long sweatpants.
It is a nice looking bag, I've been wearing it non-stop for over a month and it still looks like new, it is quality made.
The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is that the shoulder strap could have been longer, it is not long enough for it to wear it comfortably as a cross-body bag - unless you're petite, I guess. But as a shoulder or handbag is great!
Fits a lot too - one of my requirements were to be able to fit my Kindle and/or my iPad Air - no problem!

I absolutely recommend it, *unless* you're looking for a cross body bag!
Bought it for my daughter so she would have a warm head this winter.
Did not know her size, ordered, came quickly and fit like a stocking cap should.
Great quality, as expected from carhartt.
Big hhhh
Excellent performance briefs for the price! Got them at a great price for $15, though they took an extra week or two to ship, even with Prime. I usually prefer a 9" inseam to prevent any ride-up, but I've had no issues with these even though they're a bit shorter. They're light and breathable and go wherever I need them to. My only wish is that they had a fly in the front. I know that's rare with many athletic style briefs, but I wear them all day at work since I do quite a bit of moving around, and it would really be more convenient if they had this feature.