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Really pretty and shipped fast as lightning! Unclutters my end table and holds my spec snugly without scratching. Home run!
Kinda small for an 11-13
I take this purse every where. Its my new favorite
Very soft to the touch but durable! Buying another for myself this time.
Fits tight around the crotch and butt area.
great quality
Just a cap for knocking around in
XL Shirt ran a little bigger which I wanted. I'm to old for skinny slim shirts and wanted something a bit more roomy then tight. Simple casual cotton shirt, nothing fancy.
Poor quality. Didn't hold up well in wash. Developed holes or ripped edge after just few weeks.
Got this for my husband's birthday he love love his wallet very well made and the inscription is clear & beautiful
Would recommend
Very Comfortable
every time I adjust this hat it gets loose again. But it is cute! And I wear it anyway.
waist band makes my skin bleed. Worst design ever for shorts!
No shorts on Amazon anymore, to deceptive, can't try on.
I bought this and it fits perfect.
It's great. I can't wear it over my nose cause it fogs my glasses. If you have glasses you may want to check out other baraclavas that are more like a hoodie. Otherwise this one is great and fits under a ball cap or sun hat.
Love them!!!! Bought some different color lenses to swap out for any occasion! These are my 2nd Pair of fuel cells!
Need more colors
nice shade of blue. the perfect size. all the zippers work. love all the pockets!
The buttons are super cheap, kinda hard to navigate the buttons.
The size is perfect and a lot better than my old bulky wallet that was causing me back issues when I carried it in by back pocket and causing my pants to sag when I carried it in my front pocket. This is the perfect size and prevents me from storing a lot of unnecessary cards and receipts.
I love it!
Bought the polarized leopard patterned glasses. Love the amber colored lenses and I always get lots of complements on them! Would definitely recommend
Limited amount of cards that can be stored in this wallet takes a while to break in comes really stiff and won't fold correctly in your pocket. No idea if the RF blockers working
Husband loves these for running his marathons!
love them
Love the slick plastic on this, the polarization is really nice. Glasses are colored on the outside, but it doesn't really change the color too much when you're looking through them.
I love this necklace, I received it and immediately noticed that it can easily pass as solid gold. The chain has about a 1.5” extension to shuts the length. It’s simple design and bang for the buck make it a no brainer.
Nice shirts just way to big for me.
Very comfortable, good looking socks. The black ones, however, have a very strong chemical smell about them; almost a petroleum odor combined with wet dog. Oddly, the white socks I ordered do not have this same smell (at least detectable by me).
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